Taking Action

Unlike religion, secularism has no intrinsic organisational qualities. The organisation and hierarchy of religion makes it very easy for those lobbying for religious privilege to find and mobilise a large number of people should they want to display support for an issue.

It is very important, if there is an issue on which we need to show support for the secular viewpoint, that we present a highly visible response. Without this, the assumption will be that there is no support for the secular viewpoint -- despite the fact that 78% of Australians (including many religious people) are in favour of secularism!

Please use the resources on this page to ACT on these issues and ensure that your opinion makes a difference.

Contacting Politicians

Contacting MPs and Senators directly to express your point of view.

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Current Opportunities for Action

Current opportunities for public supporter action on secular Australian issues.

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Joining a Pro-Secular Group

Join a pro-secular group, communicate with like-minded people and participate in group actions.

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Making Submissions

Members of the public are often able to make personal submissions to parliamentary inquiries investigating the provisions of proposed legislation.

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Writing Letters to the Editor

Writing letters to the editors of Australian newspapers to get your viewpoint into the public forum.

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