Our Action Plan

NSL is inviting Ambassadors and ‘Secular Consultants’ to assist in rolling out the Action Plan;

The objectives are clear, but they will be rolled out in 5 stages:

  • To develop an overtly political "lobbying" role for all secular policy.
  • To gain access to state and federal ministers and MPs on social issues.
  • To gain better access to mainstream print and electronic media – to state the “secular view”.
  • To encourage support from all pro-secular organisations in calling for change.
  • To better utilise social and all mainstream media to galvanise public opinion and support for secular policies.
  • To develop effective fundraising programs to enable NSL to evolve through the 5 stages.
  • To continue seeking Secular Consultants and Ambassadors for each of the 5 stages.

Once our Team of Ambassadors is in place Stage One will begin.

  • NSL is a registered Limited Company with a Board and active Steering Committee.
  • Pro-secular groups are asked to nominate ‘Secular Consultants’, and support the NSL agenda.
  • Maintain the program of inviting prominent Australians to become NSL Ambassadors.
  • Launch Stage One to the national media once NSL has a balanced mix of Ambassadors.
  • Volunteers will be sought to monitor state/federal Gazettes for imminent secular Bills and regulations.
  • Ambassador/s will liaise with media executives and MPs to press for a greater ‘secular voice’.
  • The 2016 Census success will underpin NSL’s agenda to gain a high public profile.
  • To gain regular TV, radio, and print media coverage for Ambassadors to promote the issues.
  • Supporters will be encouraged to write/text the media and MPs, as campaigns are rolled out.
  • NSL will continue to source Consultants and Briefing Papers (for Ambassadors) on selected issues.
  • Fundraising projects will be the key to developing better resources for advancing secularism.
  • Pro-secular groups/members will be encouraged to promote and support NSL’s evolution.
  • NSL is ‘group based’, rather than ‘member based’, to underpin its national profile.

Stages Two to Five will necessitate building NSL resources to the point where a permanent office, a full-time administrator, and sufficient on-going funding will allow for a steadily increasing level of political and media activity nationally - and across the full secular agenda.