Why Secular? Who Benefits?

Australia is NOT fully secular — but like many western countries we are meant to be; our constitution outlines this principle.

What does being "secular" mean?

Being secular means separating Church and State — not allowing sectarian religious doctrine to unduly influence our national laws. Church leaders and Christian lobby groups campaign for less separation and more benefits for organised religion. Those benefits are already substantial.

Being secular is NOT being anti-religious — in fact, a secular society provides true religious freedom, with citizens free to follow any religion they choose and no religion favoured above others.

Who benefits from being a secular nation?

We ALL benefit. Who wants to be dictated to by ANY group wanting to dominate society? A secular Australia is the best guarantee of freedom of religion — and freedom from religion.  It is inclusive of all beliefs, and none!

Look at our list of secular issues — if there are any topics you agree with then you support secularism too!

Our role is to campaign for Australia to become fully secular!

Agreeing with the idea of Church/State separation is simply not enough. We need to work hard to achieve it.

Religious lobbyists see secular policy as Anti-God, the work of communists and atheists out to destroy Christianity. Actually, most Christians, other faiths, and ALL political persuasions support secularism! 78% of the public, in fact!

What NSL stands against are campaigns by religious lobbyists to impose their doctrines on the whole community.

We trust that all fair-minded people will join with us to move Australia towards a secular society that is ethical, inclusive and equitable for everyone — regardless of their personal beliefs.