Writing Letters to the Editor

Email all editors from list below.  Writing regular letters to the editor raises the profile of secular issues.  Don't be discouraged if they are not published - every letter emailed shows the editor that secular Australia has a voice that needs to be heard.  Encourage your own networks to do the same!  Remember the basic points:

  • Address it to "Letters Editor".
  • Include your name and FULL address, and a phone number.
  • Stick to the FACTS and keep outrage to a minimum!
  • Copy and paste to as many newspapers as you can -- let ALL editors know the "Secular Perspective"!
PublicationAddress ToSubmit To
Australian Financial ReviewLetters Editorafreditor@afr.com.au
The AgeLetters Editorletters@theage.com.au
The Saturday PaperLetters Editorletters@thesaturdaypaper.com.au
Sydney Morning HeraldLetters Editorletters@smh.com.au
Sun HeraldLetters Editorletters@sunherald.com.au
Manly DailyLetters Editorletters@manlydaily.com.au
The AustralianLetters Editorletters@theaustralian.com.au
Adelaide AdvertiserAnthony Johnsonadvedit@theadvertiser.com.au
Canberra TimesLetters Editorletters.editor@canberratimes.com.au
West AustralianLetters Editorletters@wanews.com.au
Hobart MercuryLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
Courier MailLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
The AdvocateLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
Herald SunLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
Newcastle HeraldLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
Daily TelegraphLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE
The Border MailLetters EditorNo email - SUBMIT HERE