Religious Discrimination Bill Protests

In the absence of politicians willing to speak up for the secular majority instead of cowering to a loud minority of religious lobbyists, it's great to see that so many secular Aussies are starting to step up and take a stand.

Here’s an overview of upcoming protests and current petitions calling for Australians to unite against the Morrison government’s draft Religious Discrimination Bill.

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Adelaide: Saturday 25 January

Brisbane: Saturday 1 February

Sydney: Saturday 8 February

Perth: Saturday 8 February

Melbourne: Sunday 9 February


Emma Linton’s petition calling for the bill to be stopped has gathered almost 70,000 signatures.

David Jones’ petition calling for a human rights bill to protect all instead of a religious freedom bill that protects some has attracted almost 15,000.

If you oppose the expansion of further religious privileges, please make a submission to the latest draft of the legislation by 31 January 2020.