National Secular Lobby's submission to the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 (Second Exposure Draft).

View the Religious Freedom Bills Second Exposure Draft web page.

Read our submission on the second exposure draft here.


Our submission on the first exposure draft is here.

Making a submission

A submission can be as long or as short as you like, and there is no specific format required.

Submissions on the second exposure draft only need to cover the differences between the first exposure draft and the second exposure draft, not the entire Bill, although you are free to cover whatever range of points you want.

If you refer to any other publications, statistics or public statements in your submission, it is useful to include a footnote reference to substantiate your words.

Write up your submission as a Word document or PDF. Attach it to an email and send it to

The email itself does not need to be long. Include brief text to the effect that you have attached a submission for the second exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill.

If you do not want your submission to be published online under your name, include brief text saying, "I consent to my submission being published anonymously", or, "I do not consent to my submission being published online".

Include your full name.

Feel free to use the NSL submission as a reference when writing your own.