TV Clip: Peter Monk on SBS World News — Religious Discrimination Act

SBS:  Peter Monk comments on the risk of the proposed Religious Discrimination Act; Marija Zivic reporting.  13.12.18


NSL President Peter Monk makes a brief comment as part of a story on the newly announced government response to the Ruddock Religious Freedom review.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison characterises the response as a desire to protect the right of Australians to "believe what they want to believe", but in reality this is not, and never was, under threat.

The proposed legislative changes will mean that religious institutions and individuals will have a greater ability to discriminate against those whose lifestyles and behaviour goes against their chosen ideology.

Associate Professor Luke Beck, a constitutional law scholar at Monash University, also makes the comment that there is little evidence that religious discrimination actually occurs.

While ostensibly protecting people from discrimination, this legislation will actually open many people up to being discriminated against.