Radio Interview: Jane Caro on ABC Sydney – Ruddock Review

ABC Sydney:  Jane Caro on Nightlife with Sarah MacDonald.  28.1.18.

Jane Caro:  NSL Ambassador, author and social commentator talks with Sarah MacDonald about NSL and our submission to the Ruddock Review, including: religious privilege with anti-discrimination laws; example of hiring teachers based on faith; they need to be transparent in adverts and on website about “who” they discriminate against; cake bakers too; religious freedom already ‘guaranteed’, we need “Freedom from Religion; examples of anti-discrimination laws and tax exemptions; Australia is experiencing increased religiosity, with a greater ratio of MPs to public; how religion in politics dictates social policy like VE, abortion, and SSM (the reason for this Ruddock Review); why we are a “Soft Theocracy”; religion in schools and intellectual child abuse; separation of Church and State.

National Secular Lobby Limited