Gold Coast Bulletin: Parliament’s dark secret: Who was the MP who bailed up Jann Stuckey

Article by Paul Weston, published in the Gold Coast Bulletin and in other News Corp papers on 16 July 2020. The article is in response to our interview with Jann Stuckey on her view of the Queensland LNP.

THE LNP has been challenged to blow the whistle on the party’s MP who allegedly had former Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey “bailed up against a wall” before a critical vote.

State Development Minister Kate Jones launched a stunning attack on the Opposition benches in Parliament after Ms Stuckey spoke up about intimidating Christian Right members.

The article on Wednesday referred to an interview with the National Secular Lobby in which Ms Stuckey said: “Those with conservative religious views are very vocal and try to sway others to their beliefs and thinking.

“I have experienced this on more than one occasion, sometimes in a mild-mannered way and other times with considerable forcefulness. Once I was bailed up against the wall in parliament prior to a vote.

“The LNP is definitely moving to the religious right and looking more and more like the National Party of old.”

Ms Jones in Question Time on Wednesday referred to report and LNP sources alleging more than 25 branch members from the Currumbin branch had left the LNP.

“Why have they left the LNP?,” Ms Jones asked. “Because of the horrible and disgraceful way that the LNP hierarchy has treated the former member for Currumbin.”

Deputy Opposition leader Tim Mander interjected as Ms Jones continued to read the article.

“And you are laughing? I note the Deputy Leader of the Opposition is laughing about accusations of bullying,” Ms Jones said.

Mr Mander told her: “I’m laughing at the allegations of the Labor Party bullying Jann Stuckey in Townsville.”

Mr Mander was referring to Labor repeating comments by the then Currumbin MP when Parliament was moved for a session north when she had remarked: “I’m not on the ground – I’ve been dragged up to Townsville”.

As Speaker Curtis Pitt warned Mr Mander, Ms Jones challenged the Christian and bible college graduate “to swear on the bible”.

Ms Jones continued to refer to Ms Stuckey’s interview, despite an interjection from LNP leader Deb Frecklington.

“I think the leader of the Opposition would be interested to know that the former member for Currumbin said this about one of her team – ‘once I was bailed up against the wall in parliament prior to a vote’.

“My question to the leader of the Opposition is: Who? Which one of those bully boys put her up against a wall in Parliament. This goes to the leadership.”

Ms Stuckey resigned in January this year, citing “bullying, personal attacks and insults”. After a pre-selection row, the LNP later endorsed lawyer Laura Gerber, who won a by-election in March.

In a statement, the LNP maintained its MPs in Labor’s termination of pregnancy Bill were provided for a conscience with Ms Stuckey and two others crossing the floor.