Weekend Wrap for 7 March 2021

While campaigners for voluntary assisted dying celebrate success in Tasmania, the territories continue to face roadblocks. Catch up on the latest news and views of concern for secular Australians in the Weekend Wrap.

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At the National Level

Around the Country

TAS: Mike Gaffney’s voluntary assisted dying bill, the End-of-Life Choices (Voluntary Assisted Dying) Bill, passed the state’s lower house of parliament, with a 16-6 vote following a marathon week of debate (ABC).
TAS: Opponents to the voluntary assisted dying bill labelled the outcome as a “very disappointing” result and argued that not enough time had been given to consider the legislation (The Australian).
ACT/NT: The Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory governments have joined forces in the fight for the right to decide on voluntary assisted dying, writing to a letter to Attorney-General Christian Porter and other federal government ministers calling for the 'Kevin Andrews' bill to be repealed (HIT).
WA: LGBTQ advocacy group just.equal has warned of a “deliberate misinformation campaign” being spread in the Christian community suggesting that preachers could be rounded up, extradited from Western Australia to Victoria and potentially locked away under Victoria’s new laws banning gay conversion practices (Out in Perth).

Commentary and Analysis

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