Weekend Wrap for 5 September 2021

Welcome to the NSL Weekend Wrap for 5 September 2021, where you can catch up on the latest secular-related news from around the country.

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At the National Level

Around the Country

WA: Senator Pat Dodson has condemned fringe Christian groups for promoting anti-vaccination propaganda in remote Western Australia, saying people who spread fear and misinformation around coronavirus vaccines are "evil". (The Guardian)

QLD: Brisbane Archbishop Mark Coleridge has issued a letter urging Catholics, their families and friends to sign a petition to the Queensland Parliament demanding MPs reject proposed euthanasia and assisted suicide laws. (The Catholic Leader)

QLD: A group of Catholics staged a morning rally outside parliament in Brisbane this week to voice their opposition to VAD, with one protester comparing the introduction of assisted dying laws to Nazi Germany. (The Catholic Leader)

SASouthern Vales Christian College in Adelaide have said they will continue not to hire staff that identify as LGBTQIA+, saying that, “Our beliefs are such that we do not accept that homosexuality is appropriate”. (Star Observer)

SA: South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has spoken out against religious based schools who discriminate against people because of their sexuality or gender identity. (Out in Perth)

VIC: The Victorian Greens has pledged to remove the right of religious schools and organisations to legally terminate staff on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. (Star Observer)

TAS: A Tasmanian church has voiced its support for conversion practices and vowed to continue delivering the practices regardless of any law reform in the state. (Out in Perth)

WA: The Western Australian Law Reform Commission has released its Discussion Paper which reviews the state’s Equal Opportunity Act (1984). (Out in Perth)

VICVictoria will become the first state in Australia to make the public display of Nazi symbols illegal. The state is also set to extend anti-vilification protections beyond race and religion to cover areas such as sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and HIV/AIDS status. (Australian  Jewish News)

SA: The ACL lodged their opposition at the SA Legislative Council Select Committee on the decriminalisation of prostitution in SA. They report that SAPOL also opposed a reduction in regulation in the industry. (ACL)

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