Weekend Wrap for 19 September 2021

Welcome to the NSL Weekend Wrap for 19 September 2021, where you can catch up on the latest secular-related news from around the country.

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At the National Level

Around the Country

VIC: The Victorian Liberal opposition has promised the Australian Christian Lobby and other faith groups that it would amend new laws banning gay conversion therapy if it won next year’s state election. (The Age)

QLD: MPs detailed personal stories and revealed the "exhausting" experience of weighing up opposing views ahead of the vote on proposed laws to legalise voluntary assisted dying (VAD). (ABC News)

QLD: Queensland will become the fifth state to legalise VAD after state Parliament passed a historic bill on Thursday. (ABC News)

QLD: A wrap-up from the ABC on the specific details of the new state VAD laws. (ABC News)

QLD: Faith-based hospitals will not be able to deny entry to outside ­doctors to help terminally ill ­patients die after the Queensland government rejected pleas by churches. (The Australian)

QLDQueensland's MPs this week engaged in one of the most difficult discussions they'll probably ever have to wrestle with, many of them admitting to struggling with their position on the VAD bill. (ABC News)

NSW: NSW now stands as the only state without VAD laws, and debate on the subject in state parliament is coming up. (ABC News)

VIC: Religious schools in Victoria will be prohibited from sacking or refusing to employ teachers because of their sexuality or gender identity under sweeping social reforms proposed by the Andrews government. (The Age)

WA: The Uniting Church of Western Australia have released a statement calling on the McGowan Government to introduce legislation to protect LGBTQ+ people from conversion ideology. (Out in Perth)

VIC: Orthodox Rabbis have written to Daniel Andrews seeking an exemption to the public health orders for Yom Kippur. (The Australian)

NSW: Lyle Shelton is urging Christians to support and join the Christian Democrat Party (CDP) despite being dis-endorsed by party leader Fred Nile. (Eternity News)

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