ABS Audio

ABS/NSL teleconference call 13.7.20 — audio.

ABS:  Chris Libreri (GM Census division), Caroline Deans (ABS Submissions for 2021)
NSL:  Peter Monk and Brian Morris

2:24 BM reference to ‘closed’ questions.  3:59 CL rejects non-ABS data.
5.57  CD refers to census data in other countries.  ABS had no issues with confusion on RA question.
8.33  CD  How do you define “practise”?  It’s not a simple question.
10.36 CL  ABS has to balance the needs of govnt, community and religious organisations.
14.15  CD  90% tick a religious box, only 10% write another religion.
23.30  CL  Don’t leave it till 2026, get support from govnt departments.